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"Being Me, Being Free"    A Natural State!!

Welcome to Being You, Inc.

Since 1989, "Being You" has been helping support individuals from all walks of life to overcome these things, to realize their own answers and powers and to regain their natural state of Being SELF and to have a healthier productive life. 

As part of one's journey of becoming more oneself, individuals regain inner knowledge of their own capabilities, gifts, talents and identity.

Overcoming...   Reclaiming...   Being...

Current times are fast paced -  forcing us to change, to grow, to become more and more something.  Expectations to be, to do and to have the right things generates so much tension, stress and anxiety that one's well being and self identity slowly becomes eroded. 

If one has experienced a blow from life such as a loss, an accident or an abuse, this can further compound one into a state of grayness or blackness.  One's natural state of being can become blurred or even lost. Sometimes we may have asked ourselves:

Why am I alive? Why do I do this? Why did this happen to me?   Is this going to be my life? What am I good for?  Does any body care?  
Can I do anything?   Is there a better way? What is my purpose? Will I ever be happy? What makes me happy?  How do I become free? Who am I? How do I find myself?  Who do I go to?  Can I trust them?




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Contact Information

  • Mel and Shirley Chartrand
    Lead Behavioral Health Specialists/Co-Directors

  • Karen Swain
    Program Coordinator/Intake Specialist
1-877-423-4648 toll-free


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547 Notre Dame Avenue
         Winnipeg, Manitoba
R3B 1S2    Canada

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